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Easily Manage Different Java Versions on Your Machine with SDKMan!

So, you’re a Java developer, or maybe you’re aspiring to be one. Either way, you’ve probably faced the challenge of managing multiple versions of Java on your machine. One project requires Java 8, but another needs Java 11, yet another requires Java 17. The open-source library you’re keen on contributing to needs yet another version. What do you do? You …

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Exploring the Impact of Stack Size on JVM Thread Creation: A Myth Debunked

Among Java developers, a prevailing assumption is that the number of native threads that can be created within the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is linked to the stack size. To scrutinize this widespread notion, an experiment was conducted. The results revealed that stack size plays a less significant role in native thread creation than previously thought. The Experiment The experiment …

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Foojay Podcast #28: Java 21 Has Arrived!

Since 2018, we get a new version of Java every 6 months. And version 21, released during today, is a long-term support version that can be used for many years. It also brings a lot of new features and improvements in both the language and the runtime. Actually, there are so many that we’ll probably not get all of them …

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