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Busting Myths, Building Futures: A Conversation with Cay Horstmann on Java and Machine Learning

In our ongoing series of interviews with the movers and shakers of the software world, we bring you a conversation with Cay Horstmann, a towering figure in the Java community and a respected academic and entrepreneur. Known for his prolific contributions in the form of textbooks, online content, and courses, Cay has been instrumental in shaping the Java education landscape. …

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Getting Started With Apache Camel On Jakarta EE 10

Apache Camel is an open source enterprise integration framework that helps you connect different systems and applications together with as little effort as possible. It provides a simple and powerful way to define and implement message-based routing and mediation rules. It is an implementation of the patterns described in the book Enterprise Integration Patterns by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf. …

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Building for Failure: Best Practices for Easy Production Debugging

Before going into the content of this post, check out my new book which launched last week! Quite a few years ago I was maintaining a database-driven system and ran into a weird production bug. The column I was reading from had a null value, but this wasn’t allowed in the code and there was no place where that value …

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