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Foojay Podcast #9: The State of JavaFX Framework, Libraries, and Projects

JavaFX was introduced by Sun Microsystems in May 2007 and provides a platform for desktop, mobile, and embedded applications built on Java. Libraries and software are available for the complete lifecycle of an application to run from a single codebase on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. JavaFX was originally part of the JDK, the Java Development Kit, and became …

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Event Sourcing for mere mortals

It’s a safe bet that every developer has heard of Event Sourcing. Like it, hate it, embrace it, ignore it … as with everything else, there is a wide spectrum of reactions. This article is for those who don’t really understand what it is. It does not aim to be a scientifically correct academic research but rather a collection of …

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Spring cloud dataflow

Een data integratie platform met Spring Boot In dit artikel behandelen we Spring cloud dataflow. Na te behandelen wat het is, kijken we naar de architectuur en sluiten we af met mogelijke use cases om Spring cloud dataflow in te zetten. Spring cloud dataflow, hierna genoemd dataflow, is een streaming en batch platform dat gericht is om te deployen op …

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