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Effective Coding with Java Observability

Things you can do right now to learn new and valuable things that can improve your code.  There are many common mistakes I’ve seen repeated over the years while trying to make observability initiatives successful. However, the most critical and fundamental of these organizational stumbles is the irresistible infatuation with technology and toolings themselves.  It should not come as a surprise. …

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GraphQL, JavaScript, Preprocessor, SQL and more in Manifold

We reached the final installment of our Manifold series but not the end of its remarkable capabilities. Throughout this series, we have delved into various aspects of Manifold, highlighting its unique features and showcasing how it enhances Java development. In this article, we will cover some of the remaining features of Manifold, including its support for GraphQL, integration with JavaScript, …

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Reactive Database Access on the JVM

A couple of years ago, Reactive Programming was all the rage, but it had one big issue: reactive stopped as soon as you accessed a SQL database. You had a nice reactive chain up to the database, defeating the whole purpose. Given the prevalence of SQL databases in existing and new apps, one couldn’t enjoy the full benefits of Reactive …

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