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Java Flight Recording and Analysis with Azul Mission Control

Java Flight Recording (JFR) is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) profiling and diagnostics tool. It enables you to collect and analyze data regarding the performance and behavior of a Java application. As JFR is included in the JVM, there is no need for additional tools or installations to make recordings of your applications. By utilizing JFR, you gain valuable insights …

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Microservices Architecture: Navigating the Buzz

Lately I’ve been exploring what all the talk around ‘microservices architecture’ is really about. From it popping up in every other social media debate to it increasingly becoming a must-have skill on job listings, what is it that has caused this strong divide between the proponents of the traditional monolithic approach and those who have embraced the microservices paradigm. In …

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Stepping in 2024 with Powerful Java Language Features

Whether you are a beginner or senior Java developer, you strive to accomplish ambitious goals through your code while enjoying incremental progress. Along with many performance, stability, and security updates, Java 21 delivers new features and enhancements aiming to boost Java development productivity. And the best way to learn these language features is by using them in a Java project. …

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