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Did You Know You Can Create Mappers Without Creating Underlying Objects in Java?

As most Java developers know, putting values in a Java Map (like a HashMap) involves creating a large number of auxiliary objects under the covers. For example, a HashMap with int keys and long values might, for each entry, create a wrapped Integer, a wrapped Long object and a Node that holds the former values together with a hash value …

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Introduction to Kubernetes Extensibility

Kubernetes offers a lot of benefits: an enormous ecosystem with plenty of actors, self-healing capabilities, etc. There’s no free lunch, though. It also comes with downsides, chief among them its complexity and operating costs. However, the more I work with Kubernetes, the more I think its most significant asset is extensibility. If you need something that the platform doesn’t provide …

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New Book: FXGL 17 — Learn JavaFX Game and App Development

This is an announcement of the FXGL 17 book. This book is for beginners in Java and/or JavaFX who wish to develop apps and games with FXGL, while improving Java and JavaFX skills. This book is also suitable for experienced developers who wish to learn how to use FXGL. Lastly, game developers familiar with Unity, Unreal Engine or Godot who …

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