Java Magazine #3 2023: Java is the way to go

Summer is almost over and we hope you could get your well-deserved rest and
recharge your battery. Fall is around the corner with our main conference:
J-Fall. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s look back. We had an amazing
TEQnation Conference and J-Spring. Check out our retrospect at page 22 & 26.
But this wouldn’t be a Java Magazine without some … Java! And yes that includes the
JVM as well. During J-Spring Nataliia Dziubenko gave a very well received session
about creating your own JVM language. And she was willing to turn it in a top notch
article for Java Magazine, so no hard feelings if you skip the rest of this preface and
go to page 6! In Java 21 we can go from unstructured to structured concurrency.
But what are the benefits and how can you implement it? Hanno Embregts & Bram
Janssens show you the ropes on page 12.
Just like the life of a developer, Java Magazine is not only about code. So lean back
and let your imagination run wild while reading about the impact of AI on page 29 or
dive into the world of Open Source on page 32.
But that’s not all, we’ve got an intro to HTMX, an article about Bloomfilter, our
columns and a coding challenge with which you can secure your 2 J-Fall tickets in
time (no need to sit anxiously in front of your computer to grab your ticket before
everything sells out).
Don’t want to do the coding challenge and want to be sure you have your J-Fall
ticket? Become an NLJUG Core or Key member! There are a lot of benefits (see page
25) and you will support our community in a meaningful way.
Do you have experience with a fun or interesting Java related tool and would you
like to share your know-how? Don’t hesitate and reach out to us via
Even if it’s your very first article. No worries, we would love to coach you!