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As a Java community, we are constantly focused on developing the platform and keeping it accessible for knowledge sharing and networking in the broadest sense. We are proud that Java Magazine can still exist in its full glory in print, that the digital platform can continue to be developed, and that our events such as J-Spring and J-Fall grow each year. This is especially important to ensure that the current community remains relevant and accessible to the next generation. NLJUG is the community for anyone who is actively involved in the Java Ecosystem. With more than 4,500 members and over 80 business and knowledge partners (colleges and universities), we can safely say that we are a professional platform.

We believe it is very important to keep the platform accessible to everyone (including students). However, this ambition also poses some challenges. We realize that organizing events becomes increasingly expensive every year, and the production and shipping costs of the magazine also increase every year. These (growing) event costs are currently mainly carried by our partners and sponsors. But this also brings dependencies, which we do not want as a community. At the same time, as a community, we also do not want to change the model that could hinder accessibility. There will be no increase in membership fees, and access to the J-Fall conference will remain free.

Another factor is that J-Fall sells out faster every year, and the waiting list gets longer every year as well. Furthermore, it saddens us to see that the number of “no-shows” (people who have a ticket but do not attend) is growing. We have therefore decided that we want to tackle this challenge for the future, but ultimately, nothing will change for our members.

To better address these challenges in the future, we have decided to offer the Base, Core, and Key memberships for those members who want more from NLJUG’s services. If you don’t care for these additional benefits and just want to remain a regular member (Base), then nothing will change for you. But, if you do want more out of your NLJUG membership, we now offer this through the Core or Key membership.

Discover the membership tiers at NLJUG: Base, Core, and Key. We’ve made this change to give our members more options and flexibility to choose the membership that best fits their needs. 

As a current NLJUG member, you may have noticed that your membership has automatically been converted to the Base membership. However, don’t worry – you can easily upgrade to Core or Key at any time to enjoy even more benefits and exclusive features.

With our new membership tiers, we’re able to offer a range of benefits to our members at different price points. Base membership is perfect for those who want to stay informed about the latest developments in the Java community and attend NLJUG events at a discounted rate. Core membership offers even more benefits, including access to exclusive events, networking opportunities, and discounts on training and certification courses. And for those who want the ultimate NLJUG experience, Key membership includes all of the benefits of Core membership plus additional perks like Priority Access to NLJUG events

Discover the perfect NLJUG membership tier for you! With three options to choose from, find the one that matches your needs and enjoy exclusive perks, events, and more.

All of the memberships last for one year.

Base Membership

The previous regular NLJUG membership is now defined as “Base” membership with the following perks:

  • Gain access to the biggest Java conference of the Netherlands: J-Fall (if you register in time, so block your schedule for when the ticket sale opens up!)
  • Paid entrance to the expert level Java conference: J-Spring
  • Receive Java Magazine as a physical copy 4 times a year
  • Receive our NLJUG newsletter with the most relevant Java information and meetups
  • Free entrance to the NLJUG University sessions

Core Membership

But do you want to step up your membership and therefore get guaranteed access to J-Fall, which is normally sold out within 24 hours? Then go for the Core membership! Additionally, you will receive 50% discount for J-Spring and discounts for courses and trainings organized by our partners.

Key Membership

For the ultimate NLJUG experience, you’ve got to go for the NLJUG Key membership. Not only do you receive all the benefits of the Base and Core membership, but you will get (free) access to our events J-Spring & J-Fall, including entree, Key Member private areas & reserved parking. Plus, you will be able to join the NLJUG Slack channel to discuss the future of our community… And to top it all off, you can show off your involvement with the NLJUG with our exclusive and brand new NLJUG Key Member swag, consisting of NLJUG hoodies, stickers, pins, unique conference badges and more!

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