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My Summary of jPrime 2022

Writing summaries of conference talks is the best way to focus on the talk and listen actively. Before conference speaking became part of my job, I was already doing it. However, I don’t attend that many talks now, and I don’t take notes when I do. jPrime is a conference in Bulgaria, and after two cancellations due to Covid, they …

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Managing Distributed Applications in Kubernetes Using Cilium and Istio with Helm and Operator for Deployment

This post will show you the benefits of managing your distributed applications with Kubernetes in cross-cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud scenarios using Cilium and Istio with Helm and Operator for deployment. In our recent post on The New Stack, we showed you how you can leverage Kubernetes (K8s) and Apache CassandraTM to manage distributed applications at scale, with thousands of nodes across both on-premises …

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Wordish with JavaFX – Part 4

Welcome to Part 4 of this five part series. In Part 1, we introduced the Wordish game with JavaFX and discussed the main UI layout. In Part 2, we discussed look and feel enhancements. We introduced specialized Label and Button controls that use pseudo-classes for advanced CSS styling. We covered incorporating third-party font libraries and customizing Scene Builder to leverage these features. …

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