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Let’s Start a Java Mastodon Community for Friends of OpenJDK!

Twitter has been my absolute “source of truth” for many years. For me, it’s the ideal medium to pick up new technologies, learn from experts, meet new people, etc. It even seemed I was able to “train the model” by carefully selecting the people I follow, as it has never been an abusive or hostile environment as it is perceived …

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Java Profiling Overview

When I ask Java developers whether they do profile, the answer is usually “no”. The few that profiled before usually used VisualVM as a student and maybe JProfiler or YourKit years ago at work. One of the reasons for this is a lack of available information and thus knowledge for everyday Java developers. This is a pity as profiling should …

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API Mocking: Essential and Redundant

I love contradictions where both states of truth can work at the same time. Case in point is this tweet about mocking from the other week: If you use mocks, you are not testing My answer was: [Mocks help assert limited fixed functionality and they do it FAST. Which is what unit tests are about. Mocks are an essential part …

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