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Debugging Streams with Peek

Table of Contents Understanding Java Streams A Simple Stream Example What is the peek() Method? Debugging with peek() Uncovering Common Bugs with peek() Filtering Issues Large Data Sets Addressing Side Effects Limitations and Pitfalls Potential for Misuse in Production Code Performance Overhead Side Effects and Functional Purity The Right Tool for the Job Navigating the Pitfalls Final Thoughts I blogged …

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How to Detect Cache Misses Using Observability

All of us know about caching in system design and software architecture, It is applicable everywhere in the computer industry, even in hardware. Caching is a quick and shortcut solution to improve performance, of course, we need to be careful of using the cache, misusing the cache can directly affect the system’s consistency. In this article, we will learn about …

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Changes Included in Release 24.02 of Azul Zing Builds of OpenJDK

Azul Platform Prime is a Java platform with a modern, TCK-compliant JVM, Azul Zing, based on OpenJDK. Zing provides low, consistent response latency of your Java workloads, higher total throughput and carrying capacity, faster warm-up, and infrastructure savings, achieved thanks to the C4 pauseless garbage collector, Falcon JIT compiler and other technologies created by Azul. Zing Builds are available in …

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