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Foojay Podcast 26: The Future of Source Control and CI/CD

As developers, we like to automate the boring parts of our job. This automation includes the source control system, build pipelines, and code analysis tools. In recent decades, we have seen evolutions from CVS to Subversion to Git. Is this the endpoint? Did we find the holy grail in version control? Or what evolutions are waiting for us? Let’s find …

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Why I prefer trunk-based development

Trisha summarizes the advantages of trunk-based development (as opposed to branch-based development) in this article. These days, distributed version control systems like Git have “won the war” of version control. One of the arguments I used to hear when DVCSs were gaining traction was around how easy it is to branch and merge with a VCS like Git. However, I’m …

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Introducing the Calendar API

We are excited to share that Foojay is growing and offering additional resources to bring the Java and OpenJDK community together on a global scale. Several months ago, we launched the Foojay Calendar, an interactive platform that allows individuals to propose Java-related and Kotlin-related and any other OpenJDK-related events and add them to the calendar. All Foojay members are welcome …

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