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JavaFX Links of December 2023

This is the final JavaFX LinksOfTheMonth review for 2023. It was an amazing year with many evolutions in Java and JavaFX and a complete “fresh” version of JFX Central. Thanks for following these updates and looking forward to more of your JavaFX work in the new year… This is the overview of the LinksOfTheWeek that got published on during …

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Using AI to Create JFR Event Descriptions

JFR (JDK Flight Recorder) is the default profiler for OpenJDK (see my other blog posts for more information). What makes JFR stand out from the other profilers is the ability to log many, many different events that contain lots of information, like information on class loading, JIT compilation, and garbage collection. You can see a list of all available events …

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Securing Symmetric Encryption Algorithms in Java

In our connected world, securing digital data has become an utmost priority. With the wide spread of Java applications in various sectors, from banking to healthcare, we must emphasize the importance of encryption. Encryption is converting readable data or plaintext into unreadable data or ciphertext, ensuring that even if encrypted data is intercepted, it remains inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. The …

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