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Debugging Tips and Tricks: A Comprehensive Guide

Rubber Ducking: The Art of Talking it Out Moving the Goalposts: Redefining the Bug The Evolution of a Bug The Process of Redefinition Flipping the Direction: Multiple Angles of Attack The Linear Approach to Debugging Disruptive Environments: Exposing Hidden Bugs Leveraging Debugging Extensions and Tools Disconnect and Reconnect: The Power of a Fresh Mindset Embrace the Challenge: Finding Joy in …

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Java 21 and the Upcoming Jakarta EE 11: A New Era of Cloud Native Java

With Java 21 released and Jakarta EE 11 slated for release in Q1 of 2024, the landscape for Java development is evolving rapidly, particularly in the cloud-native space. Although these two are not being developed together, they are intrinsically linked: Jakarta EE 11 will have Java 21 as its base Java SE version. This blog post will explore what these …

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