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Looking Back on One Year of Speaking and Blogging

2023 was an adventurous year for me: I came into my blogging rhythm, blogging every one to two weeks, resulting in 39 articles, many of them on, spoke at my first conferences, around 14 overall, 22 if you include JUGs and online conferences, and continued working on my IntelliJ plugin, as well as my proposal for a new profiling …

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Unlocking Scrum: A Software Engineer’s Journey – Part 1

Introduction Hey there , have you heard of Agile and Scrum? If not, buckle up because we’re about to embark on a journey to Scrumland! Scrum is a framework under the Agile umbrella that makes software development a breeze (or at least, less of a hurricane ). It’s all about collaboration, flexibility, and delivering value in small, tasty chunks. Understanding …

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(Semantic) Versioning your Java libraries

There are a lot of ways to version your library but the semantic versioning scheme is the most used and for a good reason, by looking at the version change you can already defer if you can upgrade the dependency without any problems or if you might have to do some refactoring. Semantic versioning proposes a simple set of rules …

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