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Java for desktop applications: Tips and Tricks (Part 1)

As desktop applications have kind of become a niche topic, it’s getting harder to find information about up-to-date best practices for desktop development. Since I have been doing this for many years now, I hope that I can share some of the lessons learned with other fellow desktop developers. Most items that are discussed here are taken straight from XPipe, …

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Video: “If I decide to stay with Oracle Java what issues will I face?”

Simon Ritter and Gerrit Grunwald answer a question that they hear repeatedly: “If I decide to stay with Oracle Java (rather than migrate to an OpenJDK distribution) what issues will I face?” Sponsored Content State of Java Survey The Authoritative Java Study Conducted by the Only Vendor 100% Focused on Java Download (For Free) Here! The post Video: “If …

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Feedback from calling Rust from Python

I got plenty of feedback on my post about Calling Rust from Python: Hacker News /r/python /r/rust Many comments mentioned pyo3, and I should use it instead of cooking my own. Thanks to the authors, I checked: in this post, I explain what it is and how I migrated my code. What is pyo3? Rust bindings for Python, including tools …

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