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Why I moved my blog to RIFE2 after 23 years?

In April 2023, I decided to move my blog to RIFE2, a full-stack framework. It was previously built using my own custom JSP tag library, which ran non-stop for 23 years. At one point in time, it was handling close to 5 connections per second, or around 12 million a month, on a single Apache/Tomcat instance. Over the years, I …

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Foojay Podcast #44: Quarkus Club

Once a month in this podcast, we talk about the history of a Java User Group and the people behind it. In this episode, we have a special group as we visit the virtual Quarkus Club. Did you know? The Quarkus Clubd initiative started less than a year ago and is already one of the biggest groups in the world dedicated to …

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JavaFX Links of February 2024

Here is the overview of the JavaFX LinksOfTheMonth of February 2024 that got published on during this month. Core Christopher Schnick shared a video: “The JavaFX 22 platform preferences API in action. You can now query and observe the system color schemes.. Gluon announced that new EA releases for the upcoming JavaFX 22 (22-ea+28) and JavaFX 23 (23-ea+3) platforms …

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