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Observing Java Applications Running via Docker Compose Using OpenTelemetry

An easy non-obtrusive way to collect data about your dockerized app without changing your existing docker-compose.yml or docker files! This is just a neat trick that I discovered when I was trying to collect OTEL data about my application which was running via Docker Compose. I was trying to understand more about the code using tracing. However, I definitely didn’t want to modify …

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Sealed Interfaces and Pattern Matching: A Quick Dive into Java’s Modern Capabilities

Sealed classes in Java are a new feature that provides a way to restrict the classes that can inherit from a superclass or extend an interface. This new language feature enhances the encapsulation and provides more control to developers over their codebase. In this tutorial, we will explore sealed classes, how to use them to find all subclasses, and how …

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We All Grow Older, But Do Our Projects Really Have To?

We have all likely worked on a project, that has grown quite “mature” over time, who knows we might even have forgotten to keep our dependencies up to date? Mayhap we finally got the green light to move from JDK 8 to 17? This will quite likely entail a lot of library updates, and maybe some interesting changes (cough javax …

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