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Foojay Podcast #24: BeJUG, BruJUG and how Devoxx was born as JavaPolis

The Foojay Java User Group World Tour has already brought us to a lot of different countries virtually all over the world. But for this episode, the host decided to stay at home in Belgium. The Belgium JUG (BeJUG) started in 1997 and was the birthplace of Devoxx, Devoxx4Kids, and VoxxedDays. And in our capital Brussels, we’ve been able to …

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Class Loader Hierarchies

Understanding class loader hierarchies is essential when developing Java agents, especially if these agents are instrumenting code. In my Instrumenting Java Code to Find and Handle Unused Classes article, I instrumented all classes with an agent and used a Store class in this newly added code: A challenge here is that all instrumented classes will use the Store. We, therefore, …

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Java String Templates Today

In our last article, we introduced you to the Manifold project and how it offers a revolutionary set of language extensions for Java, including the ability to parse and process JSON files seamlessly in Java. Today, we will take a look at another exciting feature of the Manifold project: string templates. But before we get to that, some of the …

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