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Boosting Similarity Search with Real-time Stream Processing

The goal of similarity search and vector databases is to find similar results to the search query for unstructured data, such as text, images and videos. The unstructured data first is vectorised, and stored in a vector format. There are publicly available tools to create vectors from unstructured data, similarly, there are vector databases to store and perform similarity searches. …

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Managing Data Residency: The Demo

I explained the concepts and theory behind Data Residency in a previous post. It’s time to get our hands dirty and implement it in a simple demo. The sample architecture In the last section of the previous post, I proposed a sample architecture where location-based routing happened at two different stages: The API Gateway checks for an existing X-Country header. …

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Revolutionize JSON Parsing in Java with Manifold

Java developers have often envied JavaScript for its ease of parsing JSON. Although Java offers more robustness, it tends to involve more work and boilerplate code. Thanks to the Manifold project, Java now has the potential to outshine JavaScript in parsing and processing JSON files. Manifold is a revolutionary set of language extensions for Java that completely changes the way …

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