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Tips for reading code

As developers, we read code more than we write it. When adding new features or fixing bugs, we first need to understand existing code, so we can make the right changes in the right place. When reading code inside the IDE, IntelliJ IDEA helps us to read and understand code by providing helpful features like syntax highlighting and inlay hints. But there …

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To Brussels, Canada and Back

Last year was my first year blogging, speaking at conferences, meeting incredible people, and seeing places I’ve never been before. It was at times quite arduous but at the same time energizing, as you can read in my post Looking back on one year of speaking and blogging. I didn’t want it to be a one-off year, so I dutifully …

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Apache APISIX North America Tour

Once in a while, I write non-technical blog posts when I’ve something worth sharing. Today, I’d like to write about my North America “Tour” across several conferences and user groups. The first leg of my journey started in Oakland, California, with Developer Week. Developer Week is an established conference with different editions in several locations and online during the year. …

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