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Ops friendly Apache APISIX

Though I always worked on the Dev side of IT, I was also interested in the Ops side. I even had a short experience being a WebSphere admin: I used it several times, helping Ops deal with the Admin console while being a developer. Providing a single package that Ops can configure and deploy in different environments is very important. …

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OpenRewrite: Automatic Code Refactoring and Maintenance

As software engineers and architects, we often face the challenge of upgrading dependencies, security patches, and framework upgrades to the latest versions. Enterprise organizations often have legacy code developed and maintained for a long time. Updating dependency versions in the build file in many build files in the software projects, and implementing large framework upgrades can be a daunting task …

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JUGPH: Continuing the Connection with the Java Enthusiasts

Continuing the connection with the Java Enthusiasts and the efforts of Java User Group Philippines (JUG PH), we finished our 2nd and 3rd meetup last June and August 2023. This is the JUG PH Continuation Report of the revitalized report here: The speakers of these meetups were composed of Tristan Mahinay, the JUG PH Leader and Yee Kang Chang, …

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