Foojay Podcast #54: Music and MIDI with Java and Kotlin

MIDI is a universal standard for communicating between musical instruments and computers.

Within OpenJDK, there is a whole Java package dedicated to MIDI communication and data handling. Is it up to date? Are there better approaches now? And what can we do with music, Java, and Kotlin?

Let’s find out…


Podcast (audio only)


Atsushi Eno 

Geert Bevin  


00:00 Introduction of the topic and guests
04:27 What is MIDI?
Learn more about MIDI and the javax.sound implementation in OpenJDK:
09:53 MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)
11:23 Instruments require real-time systems
15:18 Why Atsushi used Kotlin for ktmidi
Applications created with ktmidi:
23:31 Using ktmidi with JavaFX and the benefits of Kotlin
25:00 Geert sticks to Java and loves the 6-month releases
27:24 Apps created by Geert for various Apple devices
31:11 Atsushi uses MIDI to develop audio plugins
32:34 Geert found back his love for Java and created Rife2 and BLD
Erik Thauvin
43:13 How things just happen and finding a good open-source approach
50:46 Conclusions

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