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Controlling your Server with a Reverse Shell Attack

Creating and running an application in your favorite language is usually pretty simple. After you create your application, deploying it and showing it to the world is also quite straightforward. The last thing you need is someone to take over your system and fully control your brand new application. In this article, I’ll explain how this can happen with a …

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Frontmania Conference timetable is here!

Frontmania Conference 2022 is coming in less than a month at Jaarbeurs Utrecht on the 5th of October! The line-up has been released and these awesome speakers will take you on a deep dive in the world of frontend. It’s the frontend Conference of the year, you can’t miss out on. With the best of the best international and national frontend speakers bringing …

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Use Pattern Matching to Simplify Java

The concept of pattern matching has been around since the 1960s. It’s a well-known language technique used in many programming languages, from Haskell and AWK to Rust and Scala. Pattern matching is relatively new to Java. It was introduced in JDK 14 and has been progressing with new uses since then. This article explores how these new features can make …

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