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Running your Database on OpenShift and CodeReady Containers

Let’s take an introductory run-through of setting up your database on OpenShift, using your own hardware and RedHat’s CodeReady Containers. CodeReady Containers is a great way to run OpenShift K8s locally, ideal for development and testing. The steps in this blog post will require a machine, laptop or desktop, of decent capability; preferably quad CPUs and 16GB+ RAM. Download and …

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Learning by Auditing Kubernetes Manifests

Last year, I spoke at the National DevOps Conference that took place at the British Museum. I had already visited the museum before, but speaking there was a fantastic experience. Besides, we had the museum all for ourselves for a couple of hours. If you’ve ever visited the place, you know what I mean. Anyway, I also attended a talk …

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Migrating Monoliths to Microservices in Practice

There have been amazing articles on the subjects of migrating from a monolith to a microservice architecture, e.g., this is probably one of the better examples. The benefits and drawbacks of the architectures should be pretty clear. I want to talk about something else though: the strategy. We build monoliths since they are easier to get started with. Microservices usually …

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