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Five Data Models for IoT: Managing the Latest IoT Events Based on a State in Apache Cassandra

© Shutterstock / everything possible Apache Cassandra is a rock-solid choice for managing IoT and time series data at scale. The most popular use case of storing, querying and analyzing time series generated by IoT devices in Cassandra is well-understood and documented. In general, a time series is stored and queried based on its source IoT device. However, there exists another …

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NoSQL Use Cases: When to Use a Non-Relational Database

For decades, many companies have relied on relational databases to store, protect, and access their data. SQL databases, in particular, worked well for a long time and still do for many use cases. But, today, there is a wide range of situations where SQL databases can no longer satisfy the needs of modern enterprises, especially those that have made the …

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Stateless, Secretless Multi-cluster Monitoring in Azure Kubernetes Service with Thanos, Prometheus and Azure Managed Grafana

Introduction Observability is paramount to every distributed system and it’s becoming increasingly complicated in a cloud native world where we might deploy multiple ephemeral clusters and we want to keep their metrics beyond their lifecycle span. This article aims at cloud native engineers that face the challenge of observing multiple Azure Kubernetes Clusters (AKS) and need a flexible, stateless solution, …

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