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Java is Very Fast, If You Don’t Create Many Objects

This article looks at a benchmark passing events over TCP/IP at 4 billion events per minute using the package in Chronicle Wire and why we aim to avoid object allocations. One of the key optimisations is creating almost no garbage. Allocation is supposed to be a very cheap operation and garbage collection of very short lived objects is also …

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JavaFX Links of May 2023

Again a busy month in JavaFX-world! Here is a nice list with links for your reading and clicking pleasure! This is the summary of the #LinksOfTheWeek as published on in May 2023. JavaFX Core JavaFX 21-ea+17 is available for download from GluonHQ or from Maven central. Johan Vos believes it’s time to deprecate Java Swing: “It doesn’t make sense …

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Boosting Similarity Search with Real-time Stream Processing

The goal of similarity search and vector databases is to find similar results to the search query for unstructured data, such as text, images and videos. The unstructured data first is vectorised, and stored in a vector format. There are publicly available tools to create vectors from unstructured data, similarly, there are vector databases to store and perform similarity searches. …

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