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Controlling JIT Compiler Overhead to Avoid CPU Autoscaling

Today’s modern, containerized, elastically scaling Java clusters often rely on CPU utilization as the main trigger for scaling out new instances. Imperfect as this metric may be, it is ubiquitous to scale out new instances based on CPU utilization going over some limit. Often that limit is surprisingly low, somewhere around 40 to 50%. Azul Platform Prime replaces OpenJDK’s HotSpot …

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JavaFX Links of October 2023

Sponsored Content State of Java Survey The Authoritative Java Study Conducted by the Only Vendor 100% Focused on Java Download (For Free) Here! Thanks to the Devoxx conference, there are many hours you can spend on JavaFX-related videos! But as every month, there is a lot more to read and learn about JavaFX… Have fun with this overview of the …

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Everything Bad in Java is Good for You

Everything Bad is Good for You is a pop culture book that points out that some things we assume are bad (like TV) have tremendous benefits to our well-being. I love the premise of disrupting the conventional narrative and was reminded of that constantly when debating some of the more controversial features and problems in Java. It’s a feature, not …

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