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Elevating Java Development in Visual Studio Code: Experience the New Build Server for Gradle

Introducing Build Server for Gradle In recent years, Gradle has become one of the most popular Java build tools due to its flexibility in configuring build processes and its powerful extensibility. In Visual Studio Code, users can import Gradle projects into their workspace for development. However, there are some areas where support for Gradle projects is not entirely satisfactory, with …

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Patterns For The Design Of Microservices – Part 2

In the previous article, we discussed some of the design patterns employed in the creation of microservices. In this subsequent article, we will delve into the remaining patterns that are commonly utilized in the realm of microservices. Database Patterns 1. Data Management There are seven distinct patterns that further categorize the data management. Database per Service Shared Database Saga Pattern …

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Book review: “Persistence Best Practices for Java Applications”

In todays ever-evolving world, fast and efficient data management is becoming ever more important. With the explosion of digital data and diverse data sources, selecting the right database type, whether it’s traditional relational, NoSQL, or emerging options like NewSQL, has become pivotal. This also leads us to the next challenge for us, how do we integrate with this? Do we …

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