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Custom JFR Events: A Short Introduction

JDK Flight Recorder (JFR) is one of the two prominent open-source profilers for the OpenJDK (besides async-profiler). It offers many features (see Profiling Talks) and the ability to observe lots of information by recording over one hundred different events. If you want to know more about the existing events, visit my JFR Event Collection website (related blog post): Besides these …

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Java for desktop applications: Tips and Tricks (Part 1)

As desktop applications have kind of become a niche topic, it’s getting harder to find information about up-to-date best practices for desktop development. Since I have been doing this for many years now, I hope that I can share some of the lessons learned with other fellow desktop developers. Most items that are discussed here are taken straight from XPipe, …

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Video: “If I decide to stay with Oracle Java what issues will I face?”

Simon Ritter and Gerrit Grunwald answer a question that they hear repeatedly: “If I decide to stay with Oracle Java (rather than migrate to an OpenJDK distribution) what issues will I face?” Sponsored Content State of Java Survey The Authoritative Java Study Conducted by the Only Vendor 100% Focused on Java Download (For Free) Here! The post Video: “If …

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