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Exposing your data using Spring GraphQL

In this article, we’ll take an introductory look at how we can use Spring GraphQL in our Java applications. GraphQL is a query language (hence the QL) that in conjunction with a framework such as Spring GraphQL can be used to efficiently manage our data, and even reuse existing services. It has 2 core concepts: queries: used to define which …

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Java 21 is Available Today, And It’s Quite the Update

Today’s the first day of Java 21’s availability! It’s been six months since Java 20 was released, so it’s time for another fresh wave of Java features. This post takes you on a tour of the JEPs that are associated with this release and it gives you a brief introduction to each of them, and check out the Java 21 …

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New User Interface for JFX Central, the Home for All JavaFX Information – Part 1

Just like Foojay is the starting place for all info related to Java, JFX Central is the place to be for all JavaFX info. The website is a project started by Dirk Lemmermann and has been online since 2021. The team has expanded since then, and the content has been extended, partially by the team, but also thanks to many …

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