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Foojay Podcast #32: Philippines JUG

Once a month we talk about the history of a JUG and the people behind it. Today we travel to the Philippines. A new generation of developers has taken over the organization of the JUG. And in addition, they are also involved in the organization of the Softcon conference. Let’s talk about the history and future of the Java community …

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Generative AI and Java – hype or urgent reality?

It’s hard to grasp that it’s been about a year since Chat GPT and other generative AI tools burst onto the scene. We’re all still grappling with, well, everything about them. Whatever equilibrium we eventually find, it’s clear that the world is changing. The whole world mind, not just the IT industry. Olimpiu Pop and I have debated the situation …

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Python “magic” methods – part 1

Java was the first language I used professionally and is the scale by which I measure other languages I learned afterward. It’s an OOP statically-typed language. Hence, Python feels a bit weird because of its dynamic typing approach. For example, Object offers methods equals(), hashCode(), and toString(). Because all other classes inherit from Object, directly or indirectly, all objects have …

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