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Creating an OpenAPI Generator from Scratch: From YAML to JetBrains HTTP Client

In this article, I’ll be implementing an OpenAPI generator from scratch so you can too! We’ll be creating a very simple generator for the Jetbrains HTTP Client. This is the online version of the article with the same name I wrote for the Dutch Java Magazine. In the previous edition of the magazine, we discussed how the JetBrains HTTP Client …

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Integrate executable Java code in your blog posts

While developing the Foojay Quickstart Java Tutorial, I was looking for an easy way to integrate runnable Java code examples into the Foojay pages and blogs. That’s when I discovered I started by using their online editor, but with this blog I want to show you an even easier method to integrate runnable code here on Foojay. Integration examples …

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How to find dead code in your Java services

When building solutions, the code we write can last many years. While casually browsing legacy code, we might wonder; is this still used? The missing documentation or outdated tests do not help us answer this. When asking around, nobody really knows. Let’s try to delete it, shall we? Then, chaos ensues: it turns out it is still used to support …

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