Foojay Podcast #36: J-Fall Report, Part 3

In Episodes 33 and 34 of the Foojay Podcast, you got the first two parts of our J-Fall Report.

But on that single-day conference, we had many more interesting interviews.

This is part 3 in which my guests talk about Maven, contributing to Open Source projects, JOOQ, Desktop Applications, Thymeleaf, htmx, and Security.

Video report

Podcast (audio only)


00:00 Introduction

00:42 Ixchel Ruiz: Dev Tools, Maven en Gradle, GitHub Actions

04:40 Maarten Mulders: Maven, Open Source Projects

11:25 Jamie Coleman: Sonatype, Maven repository 

19:35 Gerrit Grunwald: Java and Security, JavaFX

22:36 Anthony Goubard: Swing, Desktop apps

26:54 Gijs Leussink: HTMX, Thymeleaf, Micronaut

30:31 Simon Martinelli: JOOQ, Hibernate, Vaadin, How to become a JUG speaker

38:02 Outro

Host: Frank Delporte


Barbershop John

Hermine Deurloo

Synapse by Shane Ivers – 

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