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Pitest: Do You Test Your Tests?

What is Pitest? Pitest is a library that helps us do mutation testing. Mutation testing is a process in which random variations of the code under test are generated. Hence, our tests will run against variants of the code that we’re intending to test. If the test fails, the mutation is killed, if it still passes it lives. So in …

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My Final Take on Gradle (vs. Maven)

I tweet technical content that I consider interesting, but the funny tweets are the ones that get the most engagement. I attended the JavaLand conference in March, stumbled upon the Gradle booth, and found this gem: Of course, at some point, a fanboy hijacked the thread and claimed the so-called superiority of Gradle. In this post, I’d like to shed …

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Can’t Reproduce a Bug?

The phrase “it works on my machine” can be a source of amusement, but it also represents a prevailing attitude in the world of development – an attitude that often forces users to prove bugs before we’re willing to investigate them. But in reality, we need to take responsibility and chase the issue, regardless of where it takes us. A …

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