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(Semantic) Versioning your Java libraries

There are a lot of ways to version your library but the semantic versioning scheme is the most used and for a good reason, by looking at the version change you can already defer if you can upgrade the dependency without any problems or if you might have to do some refactoring. Semantic versioning proposes a simple set of rules …

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Playing with WASM on Docker

The idea of bytecode that can run anywhere dates back to the JVM inception (as far as I know). WebAssembly is the new implementation of an old idea. While WebAssembly is meant to run in the browser, Docker recently announced its capability to run WASM code without needing containers. In this post, I want to explore how it can work. …

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Foojay Podcast #39: Java Dominicano

Once a month in this podcast, we talk about the history of a Java User Group and the people behind it. Today, we are traveling to the Dominican Republic to learn more about the country and its Java community. Video Podcast (audio only) Guests Brayan Muñoz Vargas Eudris Cabrera Rodriguez  Podcast Host: Frank Delporte …

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