Last Thursday, November 9th, during the 20th edition of Europe’s largest Java conference, J-Fall 2023, the

 NLJUG Innovation Award was presented for the third time. TriOpSys emerged as the winner!

Among the three nominees selected by the jury, TriOpSys was chosen by the J-Fall visitors for their Decision Support Tool (DST), developed for the Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL). This recognition of their outstanding innovation in air traffic management is a testament to their exceptional work.

DST significantly improved efficiency and safety in air traffic management. The success lies in the expert integration of advanced technology and machine learning, optimizing flight operations and seamlessly aligning them with the capacities of Schiphol and air traffic controllers.

This victory is not just TriOpSys’s; it symbolizes technical mastery and a forward-thinking approach.

The NLJUG Jury and the entire NLJUG community extend heartfelt congratulations to TriOpSys for this well-deserved win.

About the NLJUG Innovation Award:

The NLJUG Innovation Award is presented annually to companies, projects, or individuals who have distinguished themselves remarkably in technological innovation over the past year. The winners are selected by an independent jury and the NLJUG community, who cast their votes after careful evaluation of the nominees.