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The New JdbcClient Introduced in Spring Framework 6.1

Spring framework 6.1 introduced a new JdbcClient API, which is a wrapper on top of JdbcTemplate, for performing database operations using a fluent API. Spring Boot 3.2 is going to include Spring framework 6.1, so let’s take a quick look at how we can use JdbcClient to implement various database operations in a simplified manner. First, let’s go to …

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Load Testing: Shoot Your Application With Gatling

What is load testing? Load testing entails testing how our application performs under a significant load so we can be certain it behaves as expected when there’s an influx of users. Or at least so we know what it can cope it, and at what point we might potentially need to take action. After all, it might not (only) be …

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Ops friendly Apache APISIX

Though I always worked on the Dev side of IT, I was also interested in the Ops side. I even had a short experience being a WebSphere admin: I used it several times, helping Ops deal with the Admin console while being a developer. Providing a single package that Ops can configure and deploy in different environments is very important. …

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