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Video: Spring Boot Docker Compose Support

In Spring Boot 3.1, Docker Compose support was added to simplify local development with external resources. In this video, I show you how this works and how to use it! The post Video: Spring Boot Docker Compose Support appeared first on foojay.

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Building gdocweb with Java 21, Spring Boot 3.x and Beyond

Table of Contents Introducing gdocweb Java 21 and Spring Boot 3.x: Innovation and Maturity GraalVM Native Image for Efficiency Implementing GraalVM Facing the Production Challenges The Decision to Move On Deployment: VPS and Docker Compose Avoiding Raw VPS Deployment Steering Clear of Managed Containers & Orchestration The Choice of Docker Compose Front-End: Thymeleaf Over Modern Alternatives React: Modern but Not …

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Friends of OpenJDK Hangout at FOSDEM 2024

FOSDEM is here again, this coming weekend. Many will remember the great hangout friends of OpenJDK had at Bier Centraal in Brussels last year. Well, that was a great experience and all those connected in any way to OpenJDK, whether speaking or not at FOSDEM, are extremely welcome to spend time with the friends of OpenJDK community on Saturday evening …

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