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New JavaFX theme library “Transit” released

A new Java (JavaFX) theme has been released. This is a new theme called “Transit” and it builds upon the lessons learned while developing JMetro. The code is hosted on Github. It is not meant to be JMetro 2, it will be an entirely new theme. Strengths and Key Principles This theme follows some of the design principles and has …

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Embracing Modernity: A Comprehensive Look at Sealed Classes, Pattern Matching, and Functional Paradigms in Java

Introduction The introduction of Sealed Classes in Java and the combination with pattern matching in switch statements has sparked a debate among software developers.  The argument in question raises concerns about the real-life use cases for Sealed Classes and suggests that pattern matching with switch might promote poor coding practices.  This article aims to counter these assertions by examining the …

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Gerrit and Ivar’s North America JUG Tour!

Aloha, because I will be in the US this month, I decided to do a little Java User Group tour again. Ivar Grimstad from the Eclipse Foundation will join me and we will visit a couple of JUGs in the week from the 18th to the 22nd of September. Just in case you are in the area and interested to …

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