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Unlocking Java Wisdom: A Conversation with Oracle ACE Simon Martinelli

In a recent insightful interview, Simon Martinelli, an Oracle ACE associate and veteran Java developer, shares his career experiences, software development philosophies, and views on mentoring. With over two decades in the industry, Martinelli offers a perspective that combines the wisdom of experience with a focus on simplicity and constant learning. Profiles: Homepage: LinkedIn: Simon Martinelli on LinkedIn Twitter: …

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Book review: “OpenJDK Migration for Dummies”

In the past couple of years, there have been quite a lot of Oracle Java licensing changes which can have quite the impact on how much using the Oracle JDK will cost your organization, especially since under the latest terms it’s quite easy to have a “rogue” install cost you quite a bit. This is where the new free book …

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It’s 2AM Do you Know What Your Code is Doing?

Observability isn’t Pillars Tracing and OpenTelemetry Background Developer Observability Enough Exposition How Does This Help at 2AM? Final Word Once we press the merge button, that code is no longer our responsibility. If it performs sub-optimally or has a bug, it is now the problem of the DevOps team, the SRE, etc. Unfortunately, those teams work with a different toolset. …

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