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Payara Platform Roadmap 2024

Now that New Year is here, we reflect on 2023 and look ahead to what you can expect from our entire suite of Payara products in 2024. What is the future for Payara Community, Enterprise and Payara Cloud? Read below to find out more about Payara Rodmap in the coming months –  Java 21 compatibility, the upcoming Jakarta EE 11 …

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Where do you get your Java?

Today’s Java is vastly different, although it is still true to its root principles of robustness, portability, and ease of programming. Your options for where to get your Java have similarly evolved. If you download Java directly, you might think that you can only get an official version from Oracle. This is no longer the case. In fact, there are …

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2023 Software Conferences in the Philippines

In the last months of 2023, technical conferences took place in the Philippines focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Java, Open-source and Data related topics. The Philippine Java Community were involved in two big conferences namely, Software Conference Philippines and Samsung Open Source Conference. Conferences Members of the Foojay community were included as the speakers of the conferences, including …

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