Crowd-Publishing the 10x Java Dev Book

Java transformed the world of software development as we know it and continues to evolve as a platform and language. Nevertheless, the “enlightenment roadmap” of a Java developer can be scary. How do you become the 10x Java Developer you always dreamed of becoming?

That’s the question Steve Poole and Olimpiu Pop embarked on to respond. And, what better way to achieve it than to tap into the best resource Java has: its community!

We(all of us) will write a book in an era when you ask and the AI assistant answers. A community crowd-sourced book to show you the track on how to become the expert you always wanted to be.

The book will be a series of practical advice – real recipes on mastering a trade of the development flow. We will look at architecture, algorithms, tooling, cloud, platforms, collaborations and more.

And because we are developers, we will do it using development practices: submit an issue and we will look to find who’s the best person to respond. Do you have somebody in mind, great! Propose her/ him too. Do you want to submit some thoughts: do a PR and we will make sure it is reviewed and then it becomes part of the knowledge base.

I know what you think: this is a never-ending story. Agree! That’s why we will have releases once a year we will have a GA version that contains the stable part of it.

And because we like to give, any money that might be generated will be donated to Foojay.

What can you do? Keep an eye out and better yet keep both of them on the site. Share this article with your network, join the conversation on the foojay slack, star and follow the GitHub repo.

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