Foojay Podcast #48: JUG Oberpfalz, JCON Conference, and JAVAPRO Magazine

Once a month, in the Foojay Podcast, we discuss the history of a Java User Group and the people behind it.

In this episode, we are in Oberpfalz, Germany, for a particular reason; the organizers of the local JUG are the same people responsible for the JCON conference in Cologne in a few weeks.

Let’s also learn more about this Java community in Germany!


Podcast (audio only)


Richard Fichtner  

Markus Kett  

Podcast Host: Frank Delporte


JUG Oberpfalz 




00:00 Introduction of the topic and guests
02:09 What should we know about Oberpfalz
02:52 Java history of the guests
05:31 About the start of JUG Oberpfalz in a cafe in Silicon Valley
06:49 About the JCON conference
07:25 How many JUGs in Germany?
07:57 Event schedule of JUG Oberbpfalz
09:17 Why JCON in Cologne?
12:54 Free tickets for JCON for JUG members How Working For Free For Fun Brought Me Fame and Fortune – Or At Least Some Of Each – In The End
19:05 About the JAVAPRO magazine
21:49 About the content of JCON conference
25:04 Most remarkable sessions of JUG Oberpfalz
27:24 About the evolutions in Java Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Java How will AI and ML Influence the Role of Developers?
31:47 AI talks on JCON conference
32:44 1ON1 at JCON conference
38:03 Conclusion


Barbershop John

Hermine Deurloo

Synapse by Shane Ivers –  

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