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How to Secure Your Web Apps With An API Gateway

API management solutions, also known as API gateways, are a must in the day and age of APIs. However, once you’ve set up such a gateway, you can use it for different purposes unrelated to APIs. Today, I want to show you how to improve the security of web apps. Prevent sniffing Browsers are fantastic pieces of technology that try …

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J-Spring 2022 Aftermovie

Here we go! Missed J-Spring 2022? Relive it in the official aftermovie. The sessions will be coming online soon. Enjoy!

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Debugging Java Collections Framework Issues in Production

The Java Collections Framework was a huge leap forward when it was introduced as part of Java 2 (JDK 1.2). Thanks to the included collection classes we finally moved beyond the limits of Vector and Hashtable to more mature and generic solutions. With the introduction of streams and functional concepts in Java 8 the framework took everything to the next …

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