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Web resource caching: Server-side

The subject of Web resource caching is as old as the World Wide Web itself. However, I’d like to offer an as-exhaustive-as-possible catalog of how one can improve performance by caching. Web resource caching can happen in two different places: client-side – on the browser and server side. In the previous post, I explained the former; this post focuses on …

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Actief worden in open source

Stel, je wil actief worden in open source. Wat komt daarbij kijken? Danny van Bruggen, oud-maintainer van JavaParser1, en Jan Ouwens, maintainer van EqualsVerifier2, geven een kijkje in de keuken. Auteurs Danny van Bruggen & Jan Ouwens In de eerste plaats gaat open source om code: iets waar alle lezers van dit blad van houden. Maar open source is meer …

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Visualizing Brain Computer Interface Data Using JavaFX

Recently Sean Phillips shared some fascinating screenshots on Twitter and videos on YouTube of Trinity, a JavaFX application he is working on. He is a software engineer at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHUAPL), specializing in data visualization for multiple projects. JHUAPL works on various projects, ranging from medical work, building drones, cyber defense, and brain-computer interfaces to …

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