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Azul Provides the CRaC in AWS SnapStart Builds

At Azul, we are very excited about the Amazon Web Services launch of SnapStart for Lambdas. SnapStart is based on the CRaC (Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint) API developed in OpenJDK, which was originated and led by Azul. What is the CRaC API? The CRaC API provides a common way for Java applications to coordinate with underlying checkpoint/restore mechanisms, allowing Java …

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Two Million Java Developers on Visual Studio Code! November 2022 Update

Hi everyone, we are excited to share that now there are over two million Java developers on Visual Studio Code, which wouldn’t be possible without all the support from the community and our users, so thank you! For the November update, we are bringing you new code editing features, such as postfix completion and optimized organize imports. In addition, the …

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Accelerate product iteration with GraphQL

Ready to transition to the future industry standard for API building? In today’s applications you really want to be able to rapidly iterate over your designs and experiment with different features. If every small front-end change requires an API tweak or an extra API must be built for every small piece of information, you will not be able to iterate …

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