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Building Secure CI/CD Pipelines with GitHub Actions for Your Java Application

This article was originally post at and is used with permission GitHub Actions has made it easier than ever to build a secure continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline for your GitHub projects. By integrating your CI/CD pipeline and GitHub repository, GitHub Actions allows you to automate your build, test, and deployment pipeline. You can create workflows that …

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Deploy a Multi-Datacenter Apache Cassandra Cluster in Kubernetes (Pt. 1)

The Get Started examples on the K8ssandra site are primarily concerned with spinning up a single Apache Cassandra datacenter in a single Kubernetes cluster. However, there are many situations that can benefit from other deployment options. In this series of articles, we’ll examine different deployment patterns and show how to implement them using K8ssandra. Flexible topologies with Cassandra From its earliest days, …

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Ignore Infrastructure: Concentrate on Code with Jakarta EE and Payara Cloud

Java EE, now Jakarta EE, makes it possible for developers to focus purely on the development of a Java enterprise application, solving the business logic without needing to think about infrastructure and operations when writing code. Payara Cloud extends this philosophy by also eliminating the need to worry about infrastructure and operations when preparing your application to run in the …

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