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Virtual Event: JetBrains AI Launch Event

Don’t miss the online JetBrains AI launch event, where we’ll release our AI-powered coding companion, JetBrains AI Assistant. With JetBrains AI, your favorite tools gain new abilities while you are empowered with more information at your fingertips. Free yourself from the routine and stay in the flow like never before! Join the JetBrains AI launch event online! December 6, 5:00 …

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The Theory of Debugging

In the landscape of software development, bugs are an inevitable part of the journey, and debugging, albeit frustrating at times, is an integral part of the process. There’s no escaping this truth, and the sooner we embrace it, the sooner we can master the art of debugging. In the next few posts in this series, I will explain the little-known …

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Exploring the OpenTelemetry Collector

The OpenTelemetry Collector sits at the center of the OpenTelemetry architecture but is unrelated to the W3C Trace Context. In my tracing demo, I use Jaeger instead of the Collector. Yet, it’s ubiquitous, as in every OpenTelemetry-related post. I wanted to explore it further. In this post, I explore the different aspects of the Collector: The data kind: logs, metrics, …

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