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Foojay Developer Certification: Measure Skills!

Learn the why and how of a group of enthusiastic people implementing a new sort of developer certification that objectively measures dev skills. We also invite you to join our initiative if you’re interested via #certification on the Foojay slack. There’s a lot of debate about what defines a ‘good’ developer. Of course, there are different dimensions to start with. …

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Decoding Success: An Industry Expert’s Guide to Thriving in Software Development and Security

In today’s fast-paced tech world, understanding the intricacies of software development and product management is key to success. In this enlightening discussion, we speak with Erik Costlow, a Senior Director of Product Management at Azul, who shares valuable insights from his journey of transitioning from engineering to product management, current industry trends, challenges in software development, and advice for new …

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State of Java Survey

Do you ever wonder what OpenJDK distributions and what Java versions your peers are using? What Java versions? Java-based infrastructures and languages? How many are running Java applications in public clouds?  Azul is gathering all that data from a survey of Java users, running until 6:30pm CT on June 15, 2023. If you want to participate, the survey takes about …

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