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Debugging Using JMX Revisited

The Need for Advanced Management Tools in Development Introduction to JMX (Java Management Extensions) Understanding MBeans Spring and Management Beans Tooling for JMX Management Getting Started with JMXTerm Leveraging JMX in Debugging and Management Exposing MBeans in Spring Boot Understanding Spring Boot JMX Support Expose an MBean in Spring Boot Example: Exposing a Simple Configuration MBean Final Word Debugging effectively …

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Smarter Logging in Spring Boot with AOP

Hey AOP fan, after explaining the basics of AOP in Part 1, we will dive deeper and demonstrate hands-on how to implement smart logging in Spring Boot using AOP. The complete example can be found on GitHub. The Problem with Logging Everywhere As software developers, we know the importance of logging . But scattering log statements everywhere comes with drawbacks: …

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Getting Started with bld

bld is an up-and-coming build tool for the Java ecosystem. This article guides you through getting set up to use it in your own projects. What is bld? bld is a build tool for the Java ecosystem. Why use bld? bld is a very simple build tool. Unlike its contemporaries Maven and Gradle, which concern themselves with abstract models of …

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