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Foojay Podcast #48: JUG Oberpfalz, JCON Conference, and JAVAPRO Magazine

Once a month, in the Foojay Podcast, we discuss the history of a Java User Group and the people behind it. In this episode, we are in Oberpfalz, Germany, for a particular reason; the organizers of the local JUG are the same people responsible for the JCON conference in Cologne in a few weeks. Let’s also learn more about this …

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Writting a Data Orchestrator in Java

A data orchestrator is a platform to schedule, organize, and monitor data-oriented workflow. A workflow is a set of tasks, most data orchestrators come with built-in tasks for a wide range of technologies and provide support for custom processing via a scripting language. A data orchestrator can have multiple types of triggers to start a workflow. Most Data orchestrators are …

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Crowd-Publishing the 10x Java Dev Book

Java transformed the world of software development as we know it and continues to evolve as a platform and language. Nevertheless, the “enlightenment roadmap” of a Java developer can be scary. How do you become the 10x Java Developer you always dreamed of becoming? That’s the question Steve Poole and Olimpiu Pop embarked on to respond. And, what better way …

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