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How to Build and Deploy a Real-time Cloud-based Logging System

Logs and traces generated by applications are valuable sources of information that can help detect issues and improve performance. However, they are often treated separately from other data, even though they are no different from the data an application works with. In this tutorial, we will explore a different approach: treating logs and traces as part of a scalable cloud …

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How to Create a Failover Client using the Hazelcast Viridian Serverless

Failover is an important feature of systems that rely on near-constant availability. In Hazelcast, a failover client automatically redirects its traffic to a secondary cluster when the client cannot connect to the primary cluster. Consider using a failover client with WAN replication as part of your disaster recovery strategy. In this tutorial, you’ll update the code in a Java client …

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Mitigating Path Traversal Vulnerabilities in Java

Path traversal is a type of security vulnerability that can occur when a web application or service allows an attacker to access server files or directories that are outside the intended directory structure. This can lead to the unauthorized reading or modification of sensitive data. In the context of file uploads, a path traversal vulnerability can occur when an application …

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