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Effective Cloud-Native Development with Open Liberty in Visual Studio Code

Open Liberty is a lightweight, open cloud-native runtime, great for building fast and efficient cloud-native Java applications. If you’re unfamiliar with Open Liberty, and want to learn more, check out the “Why cloud-native Java developers love Liberty” article. However, choosing an effective cloud-native Java runtime for your application doesn’t always directly equate to efficient creation of cloud-native applications. As developers, …

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Foojay Podcast #35: Dublin JUG

Once a month in this podcast, we talk about the history of a Java User Group and the people behind it. Today, we are traveling to Dublin to learn more about its Java community! Video edit Podcast (audio only) Links Guest: Barry Alistair  Podcast Host: Frank Delporte Content 00:00 Introduction00:47 History …

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Virtual Event: JetBrains AI Launch Event

Don’t miss the online JetBrains AI launch event, where we’ll release our AI-powered coding companion, JetBrains AI Assistant. With JetBrains AI, your favorite tools gain new abilities while you are empowered with more information at your fingertips. Free yourself from the routine and stay in the flow like never before! Join the JetBrains AI launch event online! December 6, 5:00 …

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