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Getting Started With Jakarta EE 10 – Jakarta REST

Jakarta EE 10 was released in September of 2022 as the first major release of the venerable Enterprise Java development platform since it was moved to the Eclipse Foundation. As a major release, it did come with a slew of updates to almost all the major specifications, including Jakarta REST.  In this article, we take a look at how to get …

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Hidden Beauties of Java Enums

Let’s take a look at the power and beauty of what Java Enums can provide… I also created a video describing the same topics based on this article, so you can follow along combining both the video and this post. What is an Enum? Enums are the preferred way to define fixed values you want to use in your code. …

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Introducing Bld: A New Pure Java Build System

RIFE2’s bld is a new build system that allows you to write your build logic in pure Java. bld was initially created for RIFE2 web applications, but has already moved outside of that narrow focus and is now used for non-web projects also, like the RIFE2 framework itself and our URL Encoder for Java library. We created bld because we’re …

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