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JavaFinder: Keeping Track of Java Inventories

Do you ever wonder how many Java distributions you have installed on your machine? I not only mean versions that you use for development but also versions that come bundled with the applications you use. Last weekend I decided to write a little tool that can help me to figure that out… JavaFinder. This is a simple command line tool …

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“Transitioning to Java”: My First Book!

When I retired from the classroom in 2021, I had no intention of sitting on a rocking chair on my front porch. I looked for speaking opportunities, became a member of the JCP EC, and continued thinking about ways to enhance Java teaching. I also wanted to write a book. I approached a number of publishers with my idea for …

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Foojay Developer Certification: Measure Skills!

Learn the why and how of a group of enthusiastic people implementing a new sort of developer certification that objectively measures dev skills. We also invite you to join our initiative if you’re interested via #certification on the Foojay slack. There’s a lot of debate about what defines a ‘good’ developer. Of course, there are different dimensions to start with. …

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