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JavaFX Links of November 2023

Have fun with this overview of the “JavaFX LinksOfTheWeek” that got published on during November! Core Carl Dea shared: “JavaFX 22 will be supporting platform specific settings! E.g. dark and light mode etc.”. See JDK-8319138: Platform preferences API. Also worth following: JDK-8305116: “Frosty / Milky / diffuse transparency areas showing desktop background” Dirk Lemmermann is looking forward to the …

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Custom Events in the Blocky World: Using JFR in Minecraft

I was searching for some JFR-related settings on the internet when I stumbled upon the /jfr command that exists in Minecraft: This, of course, intrigued me, especially as Minecraft apparently adds some custom JFR events: So I had to check it out. I downloaded and started the Java server, got a demo account, and connected to my local instance. This …

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Webinar: Harnessing the Power of AI Assistant in IntelliJ IDEA

AI Assistant provides AI-powered features for software development based on the JetBrains AI service. The service transparently connects you, the IDE user, to different large language models. In this session, Anton Arhipov will demonstrate the capabilities of AI Assistant in IntelliJ IDEA. You will learn how the tool helps you explore and improve existing code as well as write new …

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