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Become a Better Java Developer: 19 Tips for Staying Ahead in 2024

Recently I reached out to one of my fellow Java developers who is very experienced and has been working in the industry forever and asked for his thoughts about the observability improvements in JDK 21 and Spring Boot 3.2 and if he has already migrated from 17 to 21 and to Spring Boot 3.2. This is the reply I got …

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Foojay Podcast #52: JCON Report, Part 4 – Garbage Collectors, Intelligence Cloud, Test Containers and Flaky Tests, ToxiProxy, Structured Concurrency, Virtual Threads

This is part 4 of the JCON interviews! In this episode, we have 5 new guests for you. We start with garbage collectors and Intelligence Cloud, a tool created by Azul to find out which of your code is actually used in production and which dependencies are known to have vulnerabilities. My colleague Gerrit Grunwald was at JCON to give …

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How to Identify Dependencies in Your Codebase During Microservices Migration

Migration from a monolithic architecture to microservices presents challenges, particularly in identifying and managing dependencies within the codebase. By analyzing the application’s training data, we can uncover the seams and threads that bind the application together, discovering a safer, more iterative path to refactor our code. Table of Contents Collecting tracing data to understand code dependencies Using Digma Analytic Insights …

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