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You’re Doing It Wrong — Recruiting a DevRel

This article was co-written with Wesley Faulkner. Wesley Faulkner is a first-generation American, public speaker, and podcaster. He is a founding member of the government transparency group Open Austin and a staunch supporter of racial justice, workplace equity, and neurodiversity. His professional experience spans technology from AMD, Atlassian, Dell, IBM, and MongoDB. Wesley currently works as a head of community …

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Gossips: An Event-Bus in a Chatty Neighbourhood

In this article, we’ll tackle a common issue: simple communication between system components. With a slightly controversial, themed, domain-driven design. Though this post has nothing to do with Android, we need a context where an Event-Bus is needed. And boy oh boy is it needed in Android! And we’ll use this as an excuse to write an Event-Bus. I chose …

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Unusual Java: StackTrace Extends Throwable

There are things you can do in Java you rarely see, generally because there is no use for it. However, there are some unusual things in Java that could be surprisingly useful. Chronicle Software uses a number of different useful patterns in its low-level libraries most developers wouldn’t generally come across. One of them is a class that extends Throwable …

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