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Watch Area and Renderers

This is it. The debugging book is live. I would really appreciate reviews and feedback! I also finished recording and editing the entire course. There are 50 total videos which total in 7 hours… I also recorded additional videos for the two other free courses for beginners and for modern Java. So keep an eye on those! Renderers In today’s …

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Control your Arduino with Spring

Have you ever wanted to control your Arduino board from a Raspberry Pi, or your computer, using only Java and not the Arduino language? In this article, I show how I created a web app to control my Arduino with a Raspberry PI using Spring. And so this is another article about Java on Raspberry PI or perhaps this time …

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How to Build and Deploy a Real-time Cloud-based Logging System

Logs and traces generated by applications are valuable sources of information that can help detect issues and improve performance. However, they are often treated separately from other data, even though they are no different from the data an application works with. In this tutorial, we will explore a different approach: treating logs and traces as part of a scalable cloud …

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