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Eliminating Bugs Using the Tong Motion Approach

Understanding the Process of Elimination in Debugging The Basics Using External Tools The Power of Unit Tests in Debugging Benefits of Mocking Frameworks The Challenges with Flaky Issues The Concept of the ‘Tong Motion’ Applying the Tong Motion to Debugging An Illustrative Case: Debugging a Server Performance Issue Wrapping Up Software debugging can often feel like a never-ending maze. Just …

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New FXComponents Library Released

A new library for Java / JavaFX has just been released. The library’s name is FXComponents and it is a Java library that contains a collection of new controls to be used in JavaFX applications. As of the time of writing, FXComponents is being built using Java 17 and JavaFX 20. Below is a brief description of the controls currently …

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Using JLink to create smaller Docker images for your Spring Boot Java application

Containers bring new flexibility and agility to software development and deployment. However, they also introduce a new attack surface that malicious actors can exploit. A compromised container can give an attacker access to other containers and even the host system. Smaller images that contain fewer artifacts are already a great help in achieving a smaller attack surface. In this article, …

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