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Payara Platform Surpasses 150,000 Monthly Users, Achieving Global Adoption Milestone

Payara Services, the leading provider of open source Jakarta EE application server software, is proud to announce a significant milestone in the global adoption of Payara Platform. Designed for mission-critical systems in production and containerized Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications, with over 150,000 users globally relying on Payara Platform every month, Payara has firmly established itself as a preferred choice …

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Creating an OpenAPI Generator from Scratch: From YAML to JetBrains HTTP Client

In this article, I’ll be implementing an OpenAPI generator from scratch so you can too! We’ll be creating a very simple generator for the Jetbrains HTTP Client. This is the online version of the article with the same name I wrote for the Dutch Java Magazine. In the previous edition of the magazine, we discussed how the JetBrains HTTP Client …

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Integrate executable Java code in your blog posts

While developing the Foojay Quickstart Java Tutorial, I was looking for an easy way to integrate runnable Java code examples into the Foojay pages and blogs. That’s when I discovered I started by using their online editor, but with this blog I want to show you an even easier method to integrate runnable code here on Foojay. Integration examples …

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