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Indexing all of Wikipedia, on a laptop

In November, Cohere released a dataset containing all of Wikipedia, chunked and embedded to vectors with their multilingual-v3 model. Computing this many embeddings yourself would cost in the neighborhood of $5000, so the public release of this dataset makes creating a semantic, vector-based index of Wikipedia practical for an individual for the first time. Here’s what we’re building:  You can …

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Top 7 Java Microservices Frameworks

History of Microservices The concept of microservices has its roots in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), which was prominent in the early 2000s. However, the term “microservices” itself didn’t appear until around 2012, when it started being discussed at software architecture events and on software architecture blogs. Early pioneers of microservices include companies like Netflix, Amazon, and eBay. For instance, in …

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The TornadoVM Programming Model Explained

Key Takeaways TornadoVM offers an API for parallel programming on modern hardware that tackles data parallel, task parallel and pipeline parallel applications. TornadoVM offers different abstractions to developers to be able to express parallel applications in Java, identify the methods to offload, and dispatch the application on the corresponding accelerators. Task-Graphs and Execution Plans are the main building blocks of …

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