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Exploring the OpenTelemetry Collector

The OpenTelemetry Collector sits at the center of the OpenTelemetry architecture but is unrelated to the W3C Trace Context. In my tracing demo, I use Jaeger instead of the Collector. Yet, it’s ubiquitous, as in every OpenTelemetry-related post. I wanted to explore it further. In this post, I explore the different aspects of the Collector: The data kind: logs, metrics, …

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Video: Vaadin Drag & Drop Support. It’s so easy!

In this video I show how simple it can be to add drag and drop to a Vaadin application! Drag and Drop can be helpful in many situations, but often it’s complicated to implement. That’s not the case with Vaadin. Vaadin makes it easy to have drag-and-drop support for all components. The post Video: Vaadin Drag & Drop Support. It’s …

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Strategies for Managing State in Chronicle Services

Introduction In distributed, microservice-based applications, the management of state is one of the most important, yet difficult aspects of design. Ensuring the accuracy and consistency of state without introducing excessive complexity that affects performance or flexibility to support evolving requirements requires careful thought. This article discusses issues around state management and shows how the Chronicle Services framework provides support to …

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